6x & 8x Scope Masterclass Tips & Tricks Pubg Mobile

6x & 8x Scope Masterclass Tips & Tricks Pubg Mobile

This is a deep dive into the exact use and numbers for the 6x & 8x scopes with specific reference to the kar98k & M24 sniper rifles.

I hope you guys get some joy from this one because bloody hell it took a while to do 😛


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  1. Thanks for the information but I think the knowledge of this comes from experience 🙂 (no offense)

  2. Its been so long ive watched this channel and i realized i havent subbed wth. :V

  3. Probably the 4th time I return to this video. And I'll probably refresh my mind later again with it. Thank you so much for the usefull content you give to us. Make me enjoy progressing playing claw and sniping. Bien le bonjour, from France !

  4. Holy shit man. What a beautiful way of explaining the scope system! One of the best PUBG mobile teaching videos ever.

  5. How do you think the conversation to make this video went? 'hey, you guys want to jump in a custom room, where I just shoot you for a while?'

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