Apex Legends Pathfinder Is INSANE! Winning with The BEST Weapon Combo! (Gameplay)

New Season 1 Pathfinder Hitbox Has Made Him a SERIOUS threat! Also, Landing Skulltown with a Peackeeper and R-301 Is NUTS! This is by FAR the best Weapon Combo In My Opinion! Check out the gameplay for some Apex Legends Tips, Pathfinder Grapple Guide, and some Tricks on how to manage Fights Early, Mid and Late Game! Have something to add – hit me with a comment! If you found this valuable, leave a like to support the video! Subscribe & Hit the bell to get my uploads! |…


  1. I won my first championship last night. I used a Mozambique with standard load out at end. It was epic

  2. I know you’re angling for a sports commenter job somewhere. I just know it. That’s what this whole channel is about isn’t it

  3. Funny to see somebody say so much but while playing its going automatically

  4. RRRRRaynday ~ #1 vids my friend. I have ZERO prev FPS gaming experience but APEX is so addictive. From watching your videos I believe I can and WILL begin to KNOCK other squads off the map with confidence, and 10x thx for all the A+ videos and effort.

  5. My issue is how to play the game without the Pathfinder grapple lol I’ve mained grapple since Titanfall 2 and barely ever play without it

  6. I know this is an old vid, but I'd like to see videos for each legend and how to best utilize their abilities

  7. wraith: my ult is the best at positioning its literally a portal
    octane: guess what i have a trampoline in my underwear no assembly required
    pathfinder: will im spiderman

  8. Make some team composition videos combos and team dynamics strats. emphasize team plays

  9. I love these videos where you just have a great game with something specific and commentate over.

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