Asphalt 9 – Aventador J Events | Full Touchdrive Guide – Trial + Unleashed + Contest

Asphalt 9: Legends (2018) – Playing on PC with a keyboard,
PC Specs:

Wilder – Gamma Skies.
No Other Way – Simon Gribbe.
Hands On Your Body – Basixx.
Lucky Me – Craig Reever.

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Outro Song: Kate Linn – Thunderlike.


  1. is it possible going under at the end of competition is faster than doing the jump over the "bridge"? doesn't seem with a 3 star

  2. I wish you could get all the tokens on the last chapter with a low star car like 1 or 2 star just like you can on the first event gl should know that not everyone has a maxed out car I just hope 2 star is enough for the laferarri aperta just like how it was enough with the terzo cuz I sure ain't staring up

  3. Timestamps:

    0:24 – Trial run. (Beach Landing track)

    2:31 – Unleashed Viper GTS run. (Pier Pressure track)

    4:21 – Unleashed LaFerrari run.

    6:27 – Unleashed P1 run.

    8:15 – Unleashed SV run.

    9:55 – Unleashed J run.

    11:37 – Contest run. (Paradise Resort track)

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