Asphalt 9 Legends (Nintendo Switch): Lamborghini Aventador SV | UNLEASHED EVENT | BEST ROUTES

Another Unleashed event went live for Asphalt 9, this time featuring an A-Class super: the Lamborghini Aventador SV. No doubt that it’s seriously fast, especially with you racing on some of the hardest tracks in Rome. So, allow me to show you the best routes through it as well as the general performance of the car.

For More Info On The Event, Go Here:

Note: all gameplay and editing were done by me, however, I do not own the rights to Gameloft, Gameloft…


  1. I have the 2 star Lamborghini is very good and I just spend only token I got for 40 pack and I got like 2.3k of token

  2. this game is huge tho…wouldnt be suprised if its gonna come for ps4 and xbox 2!

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