*BEST* Controller Fortnite NEW + LEGACY Sensitivity Settings! (Post Aim Assist Update – PS4/Xbox)

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  1. .10 & .08 Deadzone | Right D-Pad – Map | Touchpad – Toggle Pickaxe | Circle – Switch Mode/ Confirm Edit | L3 – Edit | R1 – Reset | Scuf Impact Two Paddles X and O

  2. You upload a lot! I just changed to linear right off the bat my building literally looks like I’m a pc player it’s insane the advantage it gives for building close range shots not that difficult to get use too but the AR at long rang I definitely noticed the aim is bad. I neeed help finding better aim setting for long range that’s the only thing bad for this setting. The building and movements you can do with legacy is INSANE

  3. Yo these settings were smooth, tried them out myself. I decided to higher up the look sense and deadzones

    (Suprisingly i’m some of a goat now 😃👍)

  4. It’s me qman03061345 me and my squad killed you and 72 and symfunny and Tim in fortnite

  5. Does anyone know a solution my horizontal boost keeps turning on everytime i need to make it to zero again and its pretty bad

  6. Does anyone now how to change sniper scope sensitivity?

  7. Am I the only person that uses the old sensitivity cause my AR aim is dogshit with the new sensetivity

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