Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch Lite

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$20 Nintendo EShop card


  1. Great vid. but if your gonna be a fortnite youtuber spend some money on some skins because viewers like to see interesting characters and the default person is boring af. And you also want to be good because nobody wants to watch someone die a bunch of times. I liked the vid tho👍

  2. Have you used a mic with it? I can hear people but they can’t hear me.. I’ve check setting etc.. any suggestions? Thank you

  3. I’ve always wondered what it’s like on the defaults side. Thank you for showing us 😂

  4. Actually hes way more terrible not a hater btw so dont be mad because im honest

  5. looks cool, I came from jerryrig to check if this can run fortnite but I enjoy playing on PC.

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