Here's how to do the fastest 90s in Fortnite

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Here’s how to do the fastest 90s in Fortnite.

This is by far the best type of 90 if you’re looking to impress friends, fans or spectators. Even though the different types of 90s are as fast, these look the best!


  1. bro how they going to say he speeds his builds, can they not see the timer πŸ˜‘

  2. "LOOK BETTER & 'FASTER'" So ur saying these are just the looks and not the speed

  3. I changed from really low sens to high sens just to do these 90s xD

  4. Lol these are not faster it just looks fast i do normal 90's as fast maybe alittle faster

  5. On the third how do you not Harry Potter I do every single and I don’t know what I am doing wrong??? Anybody??

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