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Lights Out:

Today in PUBG Mobile we announce the long awaiting Lights Out website & store… AND WE HUNT ZOMBIES! Can’t wait for whatever is coming in the game with the Resident Evil 2 integration they’re teasing. Looks sweet!

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  1. Light out member
    2. LO×Grimes
    3 unknow
    4 unknow
    5 unknow
    6 unknow
    7 unknow
    8 unknow
    Cheap Hotel member
    Which is better
    Cheap Hotel VS Lights OUT
    Every one vote for Cheap hotel
    Who vote for Cheap hotel will be the New member of Cheap hotel
    Cheap hotels clan is CH team
    Change you name to CH and you username and earn free Battle Points by watching My game play by septector me or my sister
    And buy room for 18 Peso so add friends that who vote for Cheap Hotel
    And The hotel is not here yet it comming i have more money when i am on 20 years old or above
    Cheap hottel member is me and my sister
    Which is
    CHJohnnicolai IS Me
    CHMariaSofia is my Sister

  2. I found the ZOMBIES LMBO thanks powerbang I put it in my video lol

  3. guess we need Leon S. Kennedy show us how to deal with the zombies.
    Leon:Aim for the head

  4. 😂 So bad played on an other server
    Not even saying it
    Little noobs

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