SCOPED WINCHESTER! Racetrack and Throwing Pans! | PUBG

Throwing pans, scope on winchester, racing and making stupid stunts. What’s not to like?
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  1. imagine not using the golden mirado to get 3 kills instantly then teamkilling a teammate while throwing pans at the last guy

  2. I have almost 2 months playing the mobile version, and to me you look like you're not just a mere beast at this game, and not just at another level, you're on a different planet lol

  3. “Oooh a sickle…… sick………le. Someone kill me please” 😂😂 that line right there made me sub

  4. Watching ur vid after a year wtf happened to ur voice chnaged ur mic or somethin

  5. 17:26 So now one can keep more than one pan and/or other melee weapons, isn't it?

    Can one keep every melee weapon at once?🤔 The back of the players shall look all cluttered with sickle(s), machete(s), crowbar(s) and pan(s).

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