Device : Redmi k20 pro ____________________________ Editor: Kinemaster Pro _____________________________ IGN: slayCHETU ____________________________ kd: i dont play for rank and Kd! i play to improve every single day! _______________________________ control : IM TTHUMB PLAYER 🎸🎹 Use headphone for better sound and music ❤ Tags Ignore :- k20 pro pubg test,Read More →

#PUBGMOBILE #PUBGM #DUOVSSQUAD #пабгмобайл #SnishYT #Snishyt #snishyt #SNISHYT #SLD71义SnishYT Please Hit that like button and Subscribe if you liked the video ▷Device : Redmi k20 pro ▷Contact Mail ☆My Setting! -Graphics : Smooth -Frame Rate : Extreme -Style : Colorful -Anti-aliasing : Enable -Auto-adjust graphic : Disable [My Sensitivity]Read More →